Zoological Art

Zoological Art is a unique way to display your trophies that will stand out from the everyday.

The word taxidermy comes from two Ancient Greek words; taxis, meaning arrangement; and derma, meaning skin. The modern practice of taxidermy may involve carpentry, tanning, molding and casting, but it also requires artistic talent. All of the Zoological Art created by our company is based on a deep understanding and careful observation of the natural world.


At The Pepi Family Taxidermy Studios we consider ourselves to be fine art taxidermists. Most modern taxidermists buy a ready-made mannequin and stretch the skin over the top, but our company refuses to do that. We take months over each animal rather than hours. We do it as it should be done, customizing each mannequin to fit each specific animal and working to make our zoological art appear as natural as possible. The results we provide to our clients speak for themselves.


Taxidermy starts with proper preparation and tanning. We use professional tanners and only the highest quality materials. Our hearts go into our work and we customize it for you. Using our creative skills and expertise, rest assured our taxidermists will mount your trophy in a unique display that will make you proud to show it off in your home or office. We take pride in the zoological art that we create and you will too!


With Zoological Art, it’s all about preserving something beautiful in itself. You can’t use paint to make colors like some birds have. The intensity of the colors and the layers of their feathers are breathtaking, and deserve to be preserved. You cannot capture the true beauty of a lion’s mane or a white tail buck’s rack through still photography alone. The Pepi Family Taxidermy Studio believes that zoological art is about capturing and holding the beauty of these animals forever.