Jonas Brothers Studios, Since 1908


The year was 1908. The five Jonas Brothers, immigrants from Hungary, set foot in the United States. Utilizing their knowledge and skills of the taxidermy trade, 3 separate companies were started in the following years: Jonas Brothers of Seattle, Jonas Brothers of Denver and Jonas Brothers Studio of New York. History was in the making.


The New York Studio was run by brothers John, Louis Paul and Leslie and was originally in Yonkers, NY. The business grew and the Brothers took on larger jobs which lead to the construction of a new studio in on North High Street in Mt. Vernon, NY where it prospered for more than 60 years. During those years the studio completed many works including dioramas for some of the largest museums in the country as well as providing service to many of the top hunters of their day from around the world.

Jonas Brothers Taxidermy

In 1950, with the passing of John Jonas, the company was sold to Steven I. Horn who carried on the Jonas Brother traditions of world-class service and quality. Mr. Horn added a complete, custom tannery to the facility in Mt. Vernon and hired the talents of Mr. Sinclair Clark, the legendary tanner from the Museum of Natural History in New York, to run the tannery. Mr. Horn also supervised the complete transition from paper mannequins to foam. During Mr. Horn’s tenure, he was called upon to work for such notable hunters as Herb Klein, Prince Abdorreza Pahlavi and James Mellon.


Jonas Brothers Studios of New York continued to flourish in what was considered the greatest hunting era of our time. In 1985, Mr. Horn retired and the company was sold to Carl & Mary Pepi who continue to bring the Jonas Brothers legacy of quality and service to the hunting community. The Pepi’s continue to be at the forefront of taxidermy evolution with the introduction of Zoological Art; a taxidermy first.
Over the past one hundred plus years, Jonas Brothers Studios of New York has provided trophy displays for the American Museum of Natural History in New York, The Field Museum of Chicago, the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC and the Springfield Museum in Massachusetts, this heritage has positioned Jonas Brothers Studio of New York at the forefront of modern taxidermy with a life-long commitment to hunters and the game they pursue. We invite you to be a part of history and our next one hundred years of tradition and excellence.