“Pepi Family of Yonkers, New York, the finest taxidermists in the land.” – Ernest Hemingway

We can’t speak on behalf of the hundreds of clients we’ve done work for in the past, but we are proud to say that to us they are all like family. It’s become customary that once clients trust us with preserving their memories, they become part of the Jonas family for life.


I've been using Jonas Brothers since 1981. They've mounted scores of my trophies from Africa, all over North America, and New Zealand. Their work has never been less than first class, they deliver on time, and they are damned nice people to deal with. I don’t think any animal is too odd for them to mount. They also do excellent restoration work on trophies that have not been cared for the way they should. I switch rifles from time to time, but not taxidermists. You don't do better than these folks.

Dave Petzal

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