Diorama Design

The Taxidermy Diorama exhibits an important purpose: to foster an emotional, intimate, and even “theatrical” encounter with nature.

At The Pepi Family Taxidermy Studios we believe that although we live in a computer-mediated era, seeing a once-living animal up close offers something that digital displays can’t. Our dioramas are carefully wrought in exquisite detail, right down to each individual blade of grass and miniature tree frog. They are a time capsule that preserves the location and time of the hunt. This adds to your legacy and tells a story that can be enjoyed over and over again for generations.


We want to help you create the perfect diorama design. Browse some magazines or the internet for photos to get an idea of what you would like first. Then, consider if you would like to see your animal standing, sitting, swimming, or (in the case of birds) flying. Flying can include a taking-off, or a landing pose. You’ll also want to consider what kind of space you have for your mount. Are you fitting it to a table top or wall, or is it going to take up some floor space in your trophy room? You should also keep in mind damage that may occur with pets or children.


Wildlife Diorama Design differs from ordinary taxidermy in that each piece is created with attention to both artistic composition and anatomical detail. Great care is taken in altering forms to custom-fit the specimen in the desired pose, without compromising its anatomical accuracy. We consult with our clients to design a piece that best enhances the natural beauty of the animal. Hardwood bases are available from a standard selection, or can be custom-designed for your trophy. Delivery and set-up are available; please contact us for more details.


When working with The Pepi Family Taxidermy Studios you can be sure that whether you are a seasoned hunter or a novice, your trophy will be taken care of and mounted in a manner that pays respect to the animal. We believe in the continual improvement of our craft and in providing 100% customer satisfaction. Our company’s work has been recognized with awards at both the state and national levels of competition. We consider ourselves to be dedicated Wildlife Artists who are committed to preserving the beauty of wildlife and the outdoor experience.