At our high end taxidermy studio, the details we are able re-create in our wildlife replicas are so genuine that it looks just like the real animal skin.

All of The Pepi Family Taxidermy Studios fish replicas are offered in a variety of poses: head right or head left; tail straight or tail down; reverse curve; s-curve. They are also available in two-sided pedestal mounts for 360 degrees of viewing pleasure. All of our fish replicas feature exact scale detailing, intricate mouth detail with actual molded teeth, two-sided flexible fins, and custom detailed paint reproduction.


Our company produces hundreds of replica mounts yearly. Replica mounts have become more and more popular among fishermen lately, due to conservation efforts and an increase in catch and release policies. The information most vital to placing an order is the length, girth, and a clear photo. These measurements and photos should be taken only if it does not harm the healthy release of the fish. Once the measurements are received by the studio, you will be asked to choose your preferred style and pose.


We don’t just replicate fish. Our experienced taxidermists have the capabilities to reproduce most animals. We have made many realistic wildlife taxidermy replicas ranging from saltwater crocodiles to hippos. Some of our most popular big game replicas are of elephants and rhinos. Replicas from the Pepi Family Taxidermy Studios are custom made to your specifications and can be designed to hang on the wall or as a floor stand.


We have developed an exclusive process to replicate animals with an incredible sense of realism. Our skilled team of artisans can reproduce just about anything! We are able to replicate any size horn or tusk. If you have a hunted or darted a big game trophy, we can add details unique to your animal like its visible scars or a broken tusk.

Jonas Brothers Taxidermy Tapir Replica
Jonas Brothers Taxidermy Marsh Deer