Trophy Room Design

If you have more than one hunting trophy to display, our state of the art hunting trophy rooms are made for you.

Many hunters turn a room—or rooms—into the ultimate presentation tool. Your trophy room is more than just a wall full of dead animals. Your trophy room tells the story of each hunt. The adventure across continents, tracking allusive prey, the species hunted, and the experiences you’ve accumulated. We can help you create a trophy room that is comfortable and leaves a lasting impression upon guests, both hunters and non-hunters alike. At the Pepi Family’s Jonas Brothers Studios, we work closely with all our clients to create a room that feels like an extension of their own personality.


When designing a trophy room there are a few very important things to take into consideration. One of these things is lighting. You should really be avoiding natural light in almost all cases. Ultraviolet light coming through windows will damage mounts. Another is temperature and humidity. The optimal temperature for your trophy room is going to be between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit- that’s 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. Dead animal skin needs moisture, so set your humidity to a steady 40-50 percent and then leave it alone.


The most important part of your trophy room is of course the animals that you wish to display. This is where you will definitely want to include Pepi Family Taxidermy Studios if we haven’t already been a part of the process. Have an idea of where you want each animal to be located. Create dioramas and scenes; play with setting different animals in different areas. Remember that the proper amount of spacing between mounts is the difference between creating a beautiful space and an eye sore.


In addition to the taxidermy, there are textures, accents and themes that make a trophy room personal. Art and furnishings can help provide your trophy room with amazing finishing touches. These furnishings and artwork can come in many different forms: African artifacts, bronze sculptures, leather couches or chairs, and even antique firearms and hunting equipment. This is all up to the designer’s preferences. Remember it’s your trophy room- that means it tells your story.