Restoration & Cleaning

We provide cleaning and restoration services for your mounts. We can clean a single mount to a whole collection of mounts.

We completely understand the pride and hard work that is put into a hunter’s trophy. As avid hunters ourselves, we can also identify with the desire to keep trophies for as long as possible. At The Pepi Family; Jonas Brothers Studios, our goal is to keep your trophies looking as good as (if not better than) the day you brought them home. We are certified and insured, and take great pride and care in working with your trophies.


The most important thing you can do for your trophy is to keep it clean and inspected for bugs. Most sportsmen don’t realize the dangers that bugs have on their mounted animals. These bugs are small moths that eat the base of the hair. Insects that damage your taxidermy come from the outdoors, or can be brought indoors on clothing, furniture, textiles and rugs. Typically the first indication would be loose hair or hair loss. This is usually combined with insect debris in and around the taxidermy. Infestation is usually noticeable around horn, antler, hoof, and claw areas of your trophy animals. It can also be found around the feet or underside of birds with a sign of loose feathers and between the taxidermy and hard surfaces like walls and habitat.


We provide mount cleaning and restoration services like cleaning fur, feathers and scales on any size trophy. Let us spruce your trophies up by removing oils, dust and dirt. We also specialize in stabilizing fragile areas and repairing breaks. We have the ability to rebuild shrunken tissue. We can also fix damage done by children or pets by filling in or hiding cracks, and holes. We can fix damage done by transporting and relocating mounts by filling holes scratches and dings.


Let our company fix imperfections and flaws by hiding mount stitching. We can repair or reattach loose or broken horns and antlers. We can also help reverse the signs of trophy aging by recoloring faded areas of fur, feathers, and skin and restoring and recoloring antlers. We can seal the carotene in horns and antlers in order to preserve color. All solutions used are odorless or leave a pleasantly faint odor and are specifically designed for use on Taxidermy.

Jonas Brothers Taxidermy Restoration and Cleaning