Museum Quality Taxidermy

While there may be many taxidermists to choose from, we do what others can’t do. We hand carve the molds and take extra care when completing a project.

After you have invested thousands of dollars and a tremendous amount of physical effort, do NOT jeopardize the thrill of your hunt with poor quality taxidermy. Remember that taxidermy is only a fraction of the cost of your hunt. The Pepi Family Taxidermy Studios provide museum quality taxidermy to all of our clients. Whether we’re working on something life-size or on a small shoulder mount, we go the extra mile so that you can display your magnificent trophies with pride for years to come.


We have trained with some of the most talented people in the taxidermy field and have built a team of our own expert craftsmen to bring the most realistic and artistic creations to his clients. We enjoy working professionally with interior designers, architects, and builders to make sure our clients’ prized memories are preserved for future generations to enjoy. The Pepi Family believes in using animal reference photos -a practice that most consider to be a lost aspect of this trade- to exceed our client’s expectations.


Our team uses an artistic approach to the design of natural postures and scenery using the finest materials. Each piece is created to replicate the original, living animal as closely as possible. Great attention is given to the smallest details to ultimately create an extraordinary sense of realism. Each piece is crafted not just as a piece of museum quality taxidermy, but as a piece of fine art.


We expertly modify the limited “one-size-fits-all” base commercial taxidermy manikins. For example, all subspecies of deer are not the same. Each subspecies have unique characteristics and should not appear to be the same animal with different horns and hair coloration. Unfortunately, many high-volume firms will use manikins as-is, and you will end up with these kind of disappointing results. It takes an award-winning master taxidermist like the Pepi Family Taxidermy Studios to expertly alter the commercial manikin to accurately represent each type of animal and subspecies.