Custom Woodworking

At The Pepi Family Taxidermy Studios, we strive to build the best possible piece of work to accent your trophy.

Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities at The Pepi Family Taxidermy Studios. We have something for everyone, taxidermists and hobbyist alike. With us, you’ll find a full line of European skull mount plaques, antler mount plaques, habitat pedestals and bases, and much more. We also offer several types of wood for each product to give you an even larger selection.


We use several different varieties of wood to create different looks. Custom sizes can be done on any of our products. Our company creates meticulously hand-crafted taxidermy bases and plaques to enhance any mount. Octagon bases, habitat displays, floor columns and pedestals are available in a variety of sizes.


For a more personal touch, we offer custom name tags as well as engraving directly into the wood. Whether purchasing custom woodwork for yourself or as a gift for another sportsman, you will definitely be satisfied with our products.


Our craftsmen will create custom mounts, bases, and plaques to fit into your home or office decor and stand the test of time. The Pepi Family Taxidermy Studio is full of passionate, enthusiastic hunters. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a life changing experience by providing new and creative ideas along with our exceptional quality and craftsmanship. We believe in providing and maintaining the highest levels of customer service throughout the sales process.