Jonas Brothers Studios of New York has been leading the industry in Quality and Craftsmanship since 1908, making them one of the oldest companies in the industry. Our century-old techniques and dedication to excellence, along with leading-edge technology, creates a piece of art that will last a lifetime in your trophy room.

The Pepi Family’s Jonas Brothers Studios staff is full of accomplished and expert taxidermists who are ready to work on any piece that comes into the studio. Whether you are shipping your trophies from around the world, or are a walk-in client to the studio, we will create a beautiful trophy for you to enjoy.

The animals that hunters harvest are taken care of with respect, as if they are our own trophies. JBS has been dedicated to tradition and excellence, and creating high-level quality from the beginning of the trade, and will continue for future generations.



Many hunters and outdoor aficionados run into the same problem: proper display of mounts and trophies. Jonas Brothers Studios will design and install your trophies in a setting suitable for a world class hunter. Arranging your displays is important and doing so correctly will highlight and tell a story for each piece. This service will help you enjoy your trophies no matter where you are in your room, while maximizing space for future trophies to come.

JBS has designed and hung hundreds of trophies rooms around the country and around the world. Our expertise makes us the leader in the taxidermy field.


Creating a display in your trophy room that encompasses the terrain and flora of where you hunted your animal can bring a whole new dimension to the perspective of your piece. We have firsthand experience traveling the world and taking notes of the terrain, fauna, and flora, so we understand what your scene should look like. JBS workers have been around the world hunting and studying what it takes to make every part of our work a set above the rest.

Whether you would like to build a full mountain display, desert, jungle, savanna, artificial trees of all sizes, swamps and more in your trophy room, we can create that for you. From the floor level to the tops of mountain or canopies, everything will be like you remembered from your adventures.

If you don’t have the space for a full diorama design, we can apply the same principles for smaller displays as well as elaborate habitat on individual displays. Call the studios for more details for your individual piece. It will feel like you are back on your adventure every time you look at your mounts and trophy room.



            Zoological Art, exclusive to Jonas Brothers Studios of New York, is an alternative solution for a shoulder mount or European. It is an innovative way to display your antlers or horns on a one of a kind work of art – created right in our own studio by our skilled craftsman.

These pieces have been precisely hand sculpted and painted to display every minute detail that would be found on the real animal! No skins are needed. All you need to do is provide us with your antlers or horns on a skullcap, and we will do the rest.

What you will get back is a work of art that may be the new centerpiece of your trophy collection.  See the Zoological Photos available for examples.


The Pepi Family’s Jonas Brothers Studios offers complete restoration and cleaning services for your mounts and trophies. Whether age has taken its toll or your mounts have been broken or poorly cared for, we can restore them to like-new condition. We can replace eyes, fins, horns and recap most game heads. Simple cleaning and maintenance can bring new life to your trophies.


Jonas Brothers Studios has done a substantial amount of replica work for a myriad of species for our clients, from animals that have been darted to animals that were unable to be imported into the United States, as well as replica horns made for hunting friends, partners or gifts. We have created molds and continue to make molds of new and old projects. Our replica work has included, but is not limited to: Elephant – shoulder mounts, Black and White Rhino shoulder mounts, Tapir shoulder mounts, Replica Sheep Horns, and more!


Whether it’s adding a small wood trim or an elaborate wood pedestal to your piece will add a beautiful, clean look to your mount. All of our woodworking is custom completed for each and every piece that comes into the studio and ends up in your trophy room. JBS clients have the option of picking wood types to match their existing wood pieces or something new and exotic – shelves, doors, tables, wine racks and more can be built to encompass a life-size or pedestal mount.



Jonas Brothers Studios are only one of a few USDA and EU certified companies in the country. This means we can import and work on all trophies. This also allows us to cater to our European and international hunters – we have clients all over the world that we do work for. Whether it is mounting the trophy here in the states and opzioni binarie shipping a completed piece, or you are hunting here in the states and need your trophies treated and shipped internationally, we can do either. JBS is well versed in clearing processes (EU customs included) and works with the best customs brokers in the industry, or , to make everything a breeze for our clients.



The Pepi Family’s Jonas Brothers Studios has several SCI official Measures and Master Measures on their staff. Whether you are scoring to enter your trophy or have just taking a record book top 10 animal, we can have it measured and ready to be entered.  Note: all top 10 entries need to measured by a Master Measurer 60 days post harvest.

Carl Pepi is also an Official Rolland Ward Measure.