To:  Jonas Brothers Studios:

  • If Trophies have been Prepped: When shipping trophies to JBS from within the United States, make sure the skins are completely dry and salted with no moisture left in the skin. If shipping a skull, these should be dried with no meat remaining on the bone.
  • If Trophies are Untreated: If you are uncomfortable with your skills in prepping your own trophy, we can do that for you here in the studio. The best way to send trophies untreated is to freeze your cape completely solid. Once frozen, ship the trophy either overnight or two-day to us.  It should be sent at the beginning of the week, to avoid being delayed in a warehouse over the weekend.  We will then unpack and immediately start working on your trophy.


Necessary information to be enclosed in your shipping package:

  • Name
  • Complete Address
  • Best Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Inventory
  • Hunting License Number
  • Seal Number (if applicable) or other relevant paperwork

 If you have any questions: please call the studio. It is best to talk to us first before you do anything to ensure your trophy is cared for properly.  Improper prep could lead to hair slipping or irreparable hair loss.

Shipping to your home:

  • Crating: JBS will build custom crates for each trophy. Trophies will either be shipped FedEx ground for FedEx freight. The Studio will be in touch with your regarding costs and options.
  • Deliveries: JBS can arrange for a moving company to move your trophies, or we can arrange to have JBS staff deliver and hang the trophies in your home/trophy room. With the expertise from the workers at Jonas Brothers Studios, we can assure your trophies will be properly cared for and delivered.