Shipping Tags

             Before your adventure, always remember to call the studio and ask for a set of complimentary shipping tags for your trophies. We personalize these tags to include all necessary Jonas Brothers Studios shipping information, as well as your own personal contact information. Shipping tags indicate to outfitters whose trophies belong to whom, and which taxidermist should receive them.  They ultimately reduce confusion and increase efficiency.  If a problem occurs during shipping, the contact information provided will help to track and locate the shipments.  These are definitely a must-have for all hunters, domestic or abroad.

To request the tags, either call the Studio, or go to our Request Shipping Tags Page to get everything you need for your trip.  Our Brochures and Information page  had additional information regarding shipping tag usage.

Once you’ve received your tags, attach one tag to the horns/antlers of your trophy, and one to your hide.  When attaching to the hide, make small incisions in the rear of your trophy, not near the face.


Getting Started: Deposit/Payments

Once your trophies arrive in the studio, Michael Pepi will inventory and process them into the system. Mary or Michael will then contact you to discuss your order and begin planning options for your desired trophies.

Once we have a tentative idea of what you would like, JBS will send an invoice requesting a 50% deposit to get started. We will be in touch throughout the process to keep you abreast of the status.  Once your order is nearing completion, JBS will send you an invoice for the balance of your order. From here, they will organize delivery.